Release Note CertSign API V1.13 – September 2023 – EN


Signature via document fingerprinting

CertSign API now includes a new process for signing the document fingerprint rather than the document itself. This approach is particularly useful for those looking to reduce bandwidth usage or needing to sign highly confidential documents containing content that cannot be transferred.

To do so, you must calculate the document’s fingerprint and send it to the appropriate endpoint. If required, a Java library can be provided to this end.

This feature supports all signature modes offered by simple signature, whether with or without timestamping and archiving.

  • Type: centralized signature or signature for one-time use
  • Format : CADES, XADES, PADES

Optimized handling of documents signed by multiple signers

We have improved the signature process to ensure greater efficiency when multiple signers are involved in a signature workflow.

Please note that it is not recommended to exceed 35 signatures in a given signature request.