Release note CertSign API v1.14.0 – November 2023 – EN


As part of our effort to improve our e-signature service, we will be rolling out a new version of the CertSign API service in November.

This new version brings the following improvements:

  • Single request signature
  • Improved validation report management
  • New version of CertSign Client

The 1.14.0 release is scheduled for November 2023 with a two-phase deployment:

  • Sandbox environment made available: Tuesday 21/11/2023 at 11:00 CET
  • Production environment made available: Tuesday 28/11/2023 at 11:00 CET

Please note disruptions related to the version update may be observed in both environments for up to one hour.

The new version will only be deployed once you have confirmed the successful completion of the sandbox tests.

Our support team remains at your disposal if you have any questions or feedback.


Single request signature

We’ve added a new EndPoint to our API to make it as easy as possible to create a simple signature: “SingleRequestSignature”.

This endpoint takes into account the document(s) to sign as well as the configured signature options so that the user directly receives the signed document(s) in return.

The characteristics of the direct signature endpoint are as follows:

  • Type: Centralized signature
  • Time-stamping: Optional
  • Archiving: N/A

Improved validation report management

When creating a signature order, it is now possible to specify the type of report to archive (XML or PDF).

A new endpoint has also been added for downloading a signature validation report, which also makes it possible to specify the report file type (XML or PDF).

It is now also possible to add metadata to the validation report when archiving, using the “validationReportArchiveMetadata” tag.

New version of CertSign Client

A new version of the desktop application dedicated to qualified signature, CertSign Client V1.6, will be rolled out progressively between now and the end of the year. This update not only includes various bug fixes but also benefits from a GUI overhaul.

In addition to these improvements, we have optimized the document transfer process for greater efficiency. From now on, documents on our server will only be downloaded if the user wishes to view them.