Release note : Paperless certificate order v1.5


We are pleased to announce that we are launching a new version of our platforms for ordering and managing electronic certificate orders.


In version 1.5, we have improved communication between Extranet and GoSign to enable smoother and more efficient handling of certificate order-related electronic signature requests.

Following the deployment of this version, CertEurope will be able to provide access to the GoSign Web supervision console to RAA operators, allowing them to directly view, track, and follow up on signature requests for certificate orders.

Bug fixes

We have fixed a bug that prevented the document list and notifications panel from displaying when the RA was viewing a document and pressed the “Escape” key.

In this version, there is no longer an error message displayed when the RA clicks on the logo in the upper-right corner of the document viewing page.

The login page of the Command Portal has also benefited from a bug fix. We have strengthened the password requirements so that passwords must consist of a minimum of 8 characters, including uppercase letters, lowercase letters, at least one number, and at least one special character.

V1.5.1 (March 2024)

  • Fixed an anomaly which prevented the subscriber from modifying their order from the User Portal if it had been modified by the AEA from the Extranet. This was manifested by the generation of an error message in the User Portal: “Unable to modify or delete the order, because the collection is already triggered”.
  • Fixed an anomaly which limited the display of commands in the Extranet to 1800, causing a significant display delay and producing an “Operation timed out” error message beyond that.
  • Fixed the display of certain email address validation icons that appeared offset in the Contact Information section of the User Portal order form.