Release note Certsign API v1.9.1 – April 2022 – en


As part of our efforts to improve our electronic signature service, we will roll out a new version of the SignAPI service during the month of April. This new version brings 2 changes:

  • New “archiveMetadata” key
  • New “ARCHIVE_INITIATED” status

This version 1. 9.1 is scheduled for April 2022 with a two-stage deployment:

  • Tuesday 19/04/2022 at 02:00pm CET: Provision in sandbox
  • Monday 25/04/2022 at 02:00pm CET: Provision in the production environment

Please note that disturbances related to the intervention could be observed on each of the environments for a maximum of one hour.

The production of the new version will be done only after validation of the sandbox tests.

Our Support team is at your disposal following the upgrade of version for any feedback.

Minor developments

New “archiveMetadata” key

When archiving documents, it is possible to pass metadata to the archiving provider so that it indexes it with the documents.

Until now it was only possible to pass a list of keywords (10 max).
We have therefore added a new “archiveMetadata” key whose value, encoded in base64, will make it possible to pass any metadata to the archiving provider when uploading documents.
This property is available for each signature request. It is therefore possible to send a different list of metadata for each document to be signed.


Once the document has been signed, the status “ARCHIVE_INITIATED” indicates that the archiving request has been made but not confirmed by the archiving service.

For example, the successive statuses for a document to be archived can be as follows: