Release Note CertSign API V1.12 – Juin 2023 – EN


As part of our effort to improve our e-signature service, we will be rolling out a new version of the CertSign API service in June.

The aim of this new version is to increase the performance of qualified signature and brings the following improvements:

  • Simplified server workflow
  • Parallel signature processing
  • Compression of transferred documents
  • On-demand document transfer

Please note that the server modifications will also benefit users of earlier versions, such as those using CertSign or OodriveSign.

The V1.12 release is scheduled for June 2023 with a five-phase deployment:

  1. Server version deployed in Sandbox environment (scheduled for 12/06/2023) without any configuration changes to ensure that there is no functional regression.
  2. Changes made to the configuration in SandBox environment, enabling the use of the new, optimized SignAPI endpoints for qualified signing.
  3. Deployment of the server version in the production environment, without any configuration changes to ensure that there is no functional regression to current operations in production.
  4. Configuration changes performed in the production environment to enable the use of the new SignAPI endpoints for qualified signing in production.
  5. Distribution of the new desktop application, CertSign Client, which calls the new endpoints, once all previous steps have been validated.

Our support team remains at your disposal if you have any questions or feedback.



Simplification du workflow serveur

To improve the performance of our qualified signature, we have simplified the data workflow. This involved removing intermediate servers to reduce the number of network exchanges and operations required to provide the service.


Parallel signature processing

We have made the signature process more efficient when requesting the signature of multiple documents, by processing signatures simultaneously (rather than sequentially).


Compression of transferred documents

To save time when sending and retrieving documents to and from our servers, all transfers are compressed using the latest version of our desktop application (CertSign Client 1.6).

This optimization is particularly effective in the following cases:

  • Poor internet connection
  • Transfer of large documents
  • Transfer of multiple documents


On-demand document transfer

With the new version of our desktop application (CertSign Client 1.6), documents on our server are only downloaded if the user wants to view them. This saves document transfer time so that documents pending signature are no longer downloaded automatically.